In the era of Covid-19 getting in front of qualified parents who need to reposition their money into your products could be a challenge. We are the leader in the college planning industry. Our team of experts who have streamlined virtual workshops with success will put qualified families in front of you. These families have an immediate need to buy your life and annuity products because those $’s are not assessed against the financial aid formulas.

  • CNBC states that short term college planning is the fastest growing segment of the insurance industry
  • You make money 2 ways:
    1) You keep 100% of the product sale.
    2) Every time you sign up a family you will receive compensation.
  • We have helped tens of thousands of families remotely file for financial aid (FAFSA and CSS Profile).
  • Gain access to our expertise as a U.S. Department of Education Needs Analysis Servicer for over 26 years.
  • You are provided in-depth virtual trainings and customized virtual presentations.
  • Preset appointments will have you swamped with college planning families in need of our process.
  • Colleges and universities embrace our process.
  • We provide families with Kaplan SAT/ACT prep and much more!

Do not miss out on this comprehensive information. Learn how to access this niche market in your area.